91.1 The Bridge in Fort McMurray, is a part of King’s Kids Promotions Outreach Ministries Incorporated -  a registered charity with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. We are listener supported. If you’ve enjoyed 91.1 The Bridge and would like to support our work to "expose hope through relevant music, talk and action" you can do so online at either of the links below, or by calling us at 780-791-5911.

We are able to take monthly auto-debit donations. This means that once it's set up, we could take the same amount from your bank account at the same time each month to support the station. All we would need is a void cheque, the amount you wish to donate each month, and whether you would like it taken out on the 1st, or 15th of each month. Please call us to set that up, at 780-791-5911.

If you make a donation via Canada Helps, you will receive a tax receipt from Canada Helps. If you make a donation via Paypal, you will receive a tax receipt from us.  

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